Healing: Heart Of The Occult

Excellent post by J. Williams on John of God and Brazil’s involvement in Kardecism Spiritism.

Jesus Truth Deliverance

15ea9a_dc44db22eaa4466aa4aaf734272e6c3f_mv2.jpg This is the Casa de Dom Inacio where medium “healer” John of God (who was recently was arrested for sexual abuse) worked from. He is so much of a demoniac that I know of an American woman who ordered a few items from him in Brazil and she got attacked heavily by the enemy.

It seems like a lot of self-proclaimed Christians are getting involved with the occult and don’t even know it. If it involves mystical energies, gives no glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, and has no semblance to being based on scripture, then it is probably is not of God. Don’t be deceived, the enemy is behind a lot of healing modalities. Partaking in such things can open oneself to demonic infestation.

A former New Ager wrote:

Healing is a major, and sometimes central, part of pagan, occult, and New Age belief systems. By “healing,” I mean…

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About in gods we trusted

For generations, my family and I put our trust in gods, spirit guides, and false teachings of the occult. In 1997, I was delivered and saved by Jesus Christ from the deception of being a medium and the practice of Umbanda Spiritism. Throughout the years, I’ve met many Christians with similar experiences and backgrounds. Here, I will share stories of deliverance and salvation, one testimony at a time. Stories of deliverance, one testimony at a time.
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